Build contracts enforced by blockchains

Smart Contracts

We are currently working on smart contracts in the area of token exchanges and asset backed tokens. In contrast to normal contracts which are agreements between parties that are enforceable by law, smart contracts are agreements between parties that are programmed on a blockchain. The blockchain will enforce the contracts exactly as programmed, resulting in huge increases in productivity and unlocking new opportunities in business and consumer applications.


We build on Ethereum. Ethereum is the most advance and widely used public decentralized platform running smart contracts. It is backed by a well funded foundation that develops and promotes the open source technology. Lots of private and public applications have been built by the strong community as well as major corporations and organisations.


Blockchains provide unprecedented transparency to smart contracts. All interactions can be easily monitored and tracked in real-time. All transactions are signed, recorded and timestamped, providing an easily retrievable and re-playable audit trail that is temper proof.

Predictable Execution

All possible outcomes are governed by the smart contract’s code. This enables robust decision making and planning.

API Ready

Smart contracts are API ready from day 1. All applications on a blockchain converges to common data standards, enabling out of the box compatibility and interaction with other applications without the need to self-provision servers.


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